Keep the Water Flowing in Your Home

Keep the Water Flowing in Your Home

Arrange for plumbing services in Greenfield, IA

Broken plumbing fixtures can cause a lot of damage. The wasted water will increase your utility bill, and any flooding in your home can cause extensive damage. If the problem is severe, you might have to turn your water off completely.

Feick's Plumbing & Services can provide plumbing services when you need them. Our local plumber in Greenfield, Iowa can repair your fixtures or replace them if necessary.

Get off-hours plumbing repair services by calling us at 641-745-9183.

Our team can handle any job

Whether you have a simple leak or a much bigger problem, Feick's Plumbing & Services will take care of it. Our plumbing services include:

Faucet, fixture and pipe repairs
Water heater repairs
Drain line repairs
Drain unclogging

We can use a specialized camera to find the problem in your pipes and fix it properly.

Contact us today for plumbing repair services in and around Greenfield, IA.